Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our First Sale...I said sale not sail, Ben

Who doesn't love a good garage sale? I know I love 'em. When I see that florescent pink sign on a corner my car swerves like it's on auto pilot. I believe I inherited this from my mother who inherited it from her Gram, I would guess.
But on the other side of the fence is the person putting on the sale. Some would call this a lot of work and very little pay. But to me, there's just something great about watching all that stuff exit your home and find a use somewhere out in the big, big world. And as far as the money goes... every little bit helps. We are going to have a great sale. Here's the plan:

Friday, June 27th
at the Andrews Home
9 to 4

We've already had several friends donate items to sell. Thank you my dear friends.

Noah and Lydia plan to bake huge cookies and mix up lemonade to sell. Lydia has a very well thought out plan of attack. They will be using their cash register to make the sales transactions with Noah handling the money for boy customers and Lydia waiting on the girls. She often brings up her "great idea" and cannot wait to see it to fruition. Neither can I.

My plan of attack is similar, but more drawn out. I plan to cleanse my home of every unused item for a couple of hours each day this week. I will pile these items in my living room in a huge pile until it annoys me so much I begin to tag the items. I also plan to harass my friends and neighbors into bringing their extra junk over to my living room pile. Then on Thursday we (myself and any other poor soul I can convince to join me, i.e. the children) shall bake gigantic cookies and tag items until we pass out. Then we will get up very early and transfer said tagged items to the front lawn and wait.

As I go through the stuff in my house and decide what to sell and what to keep it's interesting how my heart responds. It's different than when I have prepared for sales in the past. It's crazy but I really sense a feeling of desperation. A feeling that my children are on the other side of the world and I need to get them home. Who knew I would feel this way just because I filled out a few papers and sent them to an adoption agency? I certainly didn't expect it. But I do. I feel very little attachment to my"stuff" any more. Because every item has the potential to bring me .25 or .50 or 1.00 closer to holding my kiddos in my arms.

Noah and Lydia went to summer camp this weekend and they brought home little treasure chests that they had painted. Noah's is blue and Lyd's is pink and yellow. Inside each was a little blue "jewel." Noah proudly showed me his little blue box and said, "you shouldn't store up treasure on earth, Mommy." So true, so true.

"Don't store up treasures for yourself here on earth where moths and rust destroy and thieves break in and steal, but store up for yourselves treasure in heaven where moths and rust do not destroy and thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is there your heart will be also."
- Jesus

See you at The Sale!

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