Monday, November 3, 2008

A Red Letter Day

Friday was a great day! I picked up the rough draft of our home study from our social worker. We are supposed to look it over and make sure all the details are correct and then take it back to her on Tuesday.

Then, when I got back from the adoption agency I checked our mailbox and found my passport! It only took around a week to get it. Apparently, they haven't had any cutbacks in the US Passport Department. I was so pleasantly surprised.

And to top it all off Ben showed up with his medical in hand. What a great day!

And now only three remain...
1. Kris' medical
2. Kris' doctor's letter
3. The final copy of the home study

...until we can send our I-600A (application for Immigration). Yes! I'm beginning to think this might actually happen.

On another note, today I stopped in and encouraged my nurse to fill out my medicals (which we found out last week had been misplaced). I brought in new copies of the forms last Wednesday. Today she said to give them about two or three more days. I think I will go there again tomorrow.

I often find myself wishing things would fall into place more quickly and smoothly. I think about how each extra week we wait, actually affects which children will be referred to us. Knowing that these little bits and pieces of the process affect the future of our family in such a great way makes me a little crazy. But it also helps me to see that my hands are tied. And that's OK because God's hands are never tied.

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