Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I went to the local post office today to apply for my passport. All went smoothly, and when the pleasantly plump USPS worker as me where I plan to travel, I felt a surge of excitement as I replied, "Ethiopia".
When I returned home there was a message on my machine from the local post office. It appears that there was one more paper I need to sign since I held a passport in my maiden name some 15 years ago. One step forward and two steps back. On the bright side, when I return tomorrow maybe a kind USPS worker will once again ask me where I plan to travel. Then it will be worth it.
I also received an email from our social worker who thinks the rough draft of our home study should be ready by next week. She will then send it to our other social worker for approval and proceed to perfect the final copy. When the final copy is set to go, we will send our papers to immigration. And that my friends will be a momentous occasion.

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