Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Photos

So... the connection here is a bit slow for all these photos.  I'll give it another try and hope they post...  I can't get the nicest ones to download tonight... I'll try again later.  One more bottle for Minalush and then it's off to bed with me.


Nicole said...

Just reading your posts makes me so happy! I love reading each thought and phrase. Sleep well and see you soon!

Anonymous said...

We delivered the kids to the Andrews this morning and headed to your place. Dad has installed the closet doors in the kids rooms. I did the laundry and did some cleaning. Four days from now you will be right here in this house as one big happy American family. We can't wait.

Sarah said...

Congratulations, Ben and Kris! Matt and I are so excited for you!

Tracy said...

praying for you to arrive home safely!!!! Hope you get some rest!!Did you meet my baby?

Bethany said...

What a privilege to be a part of your journey and to see those precious pictures! I am in tears reading your blogs. We are extremely happy for your whole family.
We're praying for you.
Matt and Beth Schantz

Wolfe said...

We are so thrilled for you and are enjoying hearing and seeing God's perfect joy in your words and pictures. Haile & Minalush are perfectly yours - God is good!

We sang Arise by Michael W. Smith at church last night...
"Africa sings a new song
reaching out with the new Hallelujah
Every son and every daughter
everyone sing a new Hallelujah"

As we sang, we cried joy for you, Andrews family!

Congratulations and blessings!
Love, Eric & Kate