Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Match

Our family is honored to be the recipient of the world's greatest baby shower. Our church, The Comstock Church of Christ (service is 10:40 Sunday should really come visit us if you haven't had a chance to lately... it's a great place to worship an Amazing God), has blessed us with a matching gift program. The church has committed to match (from the general fund) the amount that members give toward our adoption expenses. I must say I am blown away by how much people have given! Now keep in mind that we are a small group of people, but our small group of people have given generously and sacrificially. The total given as of last Sunday was around $1,900.00! Can you believe it? If you do the math and double it for the match, it comes out to $3800.00! When you add that to all the other savings, sale, and random job income we've been saving up we are at 27% of our estimated total funds needed.

You have no idea how great it feels to be almost one third of the way there. Thanks you Comstockonians! Thank you God! I feel overwhelmed by the abundance of good things in my life.

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