Sunday, October 5, 2008

He is Faithful

Today was an amazing day. I was told that I would be presented with a check during the church service this morning. I was told to give an update on the progress of the adoption. After the first couple of songs I was called to the front.

"I would like to ask Kris Andrews up front with me right now, please." So, up I went. "Kris, I would like to present your family with two checks totaling $6,997.00."I pretty much choked out, "Thank you so much!" before I started to cry and rambled on like an idiot. I knew ahead of time the approximate amount of the check. I though I had my emotions under control and I know I had lots of great things that I planned to say. But somehow, as I looked out at the wonderful group of people in our church and I saw those kind- hearted, sacrificial, amazing people... the same people who had given that check to our family...I was speechless and blubbering and amazed at the Lord's faithfulness. I managed to say something about how our adoption experience started full of fears. Fears of the unknown, fears of parenting children who have lost so much, fears of not passing our home inspection, fears of not having the money to bring our babies home, and on and on. Our God has crushed so many of those fears, and today He showed me that He goes before me and He will make a way.

After service we had a potluck (another reason you should come to our church, we know how to eat!) and chatted it up with friends. As I was about to leave, someone who I don't know very well pulled me aside. This person began asking me questions about the adoption in such a serious way that at first I though this person was going to try to talk me out of it. So, I answered this person's questions as thoroughly as I could. After we had finished our brief discussion this person handed me a large sum of cash and said, we would like you to put this toward the adoption. I was blown away... again! (and of course started to tear up and couldn't look anyone in the eye for sometime with out all out crying).

Although it seems very surreal right now, I am more than pleased to post that the Lord has provided 38% of the funds needed to bring home our children. Our Lord is faithful, and I am amazed and overwhelmed and ...speechless.

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