Monday, June 29, 2009

Care Packages

Although we still have one week until our court date our agency allows us to send care packages to the kids via other adoptive families who are traveling before us. We have also signed a release to allow this wonderful family to take pictures of the kids recieving the gifts. We spent quite a bit of time putting these together and we pray that our kids will be encouraged and excited to get them. They should recieve them around the third or the fourth of July. Here's a few pic's of what we sent...

For our big boy we sent:
a photo book
2 matchbox cars
a small etch-a-scetch
a braclet the kids made that says "brother"
a WMU t-shirt and ball cap
skittles, starburst, and m&ms
a note from Ben and I
a note from Lydia
a note from Noah

For our baby girl we sent:
a snuggle buddy
a talking singing frog that ribbits
an adorable pink outfit
a little pink hair bow
my first little photo album

We squooshed all this into gallon size ziploc bags as not to take up too much space in this wonderful families luggage. Lydia helped me squeeze the bag to get the air out and zip it up really fast. I hope they fit!

Then we boxed them up and took them to the post office and said a little prayer that they would get there on time and bring joy to our kiddos. Can't wait to see pictures of them with their new stuff.


Jesse Mayes said...

keee! so excited for you guys! it's great the kids got to participate in this. grace and peace!

Wolfe said...

It's all just so exciting!!! Praying for a smooth court date on the 6th!

Anonymous said...

I know you say I never comment...well I'm commenting. Can't wait to see our beautiful children in Ethiopia. Thanks for all your hard work. Love you.