Friday, July 31, 2009

July Update Photos

Are they beautiful or what?

Min has an awesome mohawk in these photos because the nurse had to shave her head for her IV meds when she had pneumonia. She has since had her entire head shaved for her passport photos, so we will be bringing home a sweet little baldy. We also heard she weighed mere 10 pounds at 4 months and she eats four ounces 7 times a day. The update also said that she is doing well and is not experiencing any sickness at this time. Lets hope she's gaining some weight now that she's feeling better. They also said that she likes to be held and doesn't cry much, but when she does's urgent! Like... feed me now! I can relate to that:)

Haile is doing well and learning some English at the Transition Home School. He knows his ABC's and numbers and some phrases like, "What is your name?" He likes to eat bread, pasta, meat, injera, and especially egg. It sounds like we will have to work him into fruits and vegetables. :) He enjoys sports like running, and soccer and also playing with toy cars. They also said he is very smiley and funny!

It seems surreal that new week I will get to know my beautiful children and experience them first hand. I seriously can't wait.


Anonymous said...

I love the one of the two of them! It's a perfect sibling moment!

A baby who grows hair: A new experience for the Andrews?

Katie Delia

Julia said...

I'm SO excited for you and for your kids!!! Praise God!

Nicole said...

Love the updated pics! They are so beautiful! Praise God for everything!

Maisy said...

Beautiful children! What a blessing!