Friday, July 31, 2009

The Real Deal

This is the REAL DEAL!!! Our tentative travel dates are now concrete!!!!!!!!!!!!We are going to Africa to meet our kiddos (and to bring them home!) one week from today! I've been holding my breath for two weeks and now I can let loose and celebrate (and pack and finish overhauling my house)!

Plus we have new pictures and updates on Haile and Min. Plus we have like 10 cases of children's medicine that was donated by Perrigo to take over to the orphanage where our kiddos were first brought in Addis. And my favorite sister-in-law (this is an inside joke) loaned me all kinds of baby stuff! ALL this happened today!!!!!

This is what I would call REAL GOOD DAY (in case you couldn't already grasp that from all the exclamation points in the two previous paragraphs.) Look our Africa here we come! WHAAAAAAAAWHOOOOOOO!

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Rose and Leah said...

Kris I'm so happy for your family! I'm very excited to meet the new Andrews. I'll celebrate my 5th wedding anniversary praying for safe travel for you all.

Leah E.