Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sad News and Joy

Well my fellow blogstalkers... we got some sad news yesterday. I couldn't really bring myself to post about it until now. We did not pass court, but we did not fail either. The judge wants to take a closer look at the paperwork before she makes a decision. She is not requesting further documentation or testimony, just more time to go over the paperwork. So, in theory we do not as of yet need another court date. There is a possibility that she may even decide tonight while we are sleeping. Please pray for this judge and her decision about our children's case.

During the same phone conversation we were also told that our baby girl was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday. She had meds over the weekend and appears to be improving. I was grieved by this news and wanted to hop on a plane and go take care of her that very moment. Yes, I am turning into a flipped out protective mother of children I have never met. Go figure.

Today I hoped for a call and I checked my email every few seconds, ok... maybe minutes. I did get a call from an adoption grant organization who had accepted our pre-application and were sending us an application. Exciting news, but still not enough for a sad mama like myself. But then it happened. Sadness turned to joy. I opened an email from my new friend Sara who brought our care packages to our kiddos yesterday. She sent 3 pictures and a beautiful description of her time with them. Joy. Peace. Thankfulness. It feels so good to know that someone put their hands on my kiddos and saw them in the flesh and they are OK. This act of kindness on Sara's behalf has overwhelmed me.

The kids are beautiful. Our big boy was shy at first but liked the photo album we sent. He knows some English including the word "dog" (we sent him a picture of the Abbey-dog). He's wearing his new WMU ball cap in the photo. He is precious. He has kind of a goofy smile and reminds me of my Noah. Sara says she has more photos she will send when she gets home next week. I can't wait.

Babygirl has the most beautiful eyes and the longest eyelashes ever. Poor baby has an IV right in the middle of her forehead, but honestly it makes me feel good to know she's getting the medicine. These pictures have made my week. I am so thankful and feel I can breathe a bit more freely.

About an hour later we received an email from our agency stating MOWA (the agency in ET who does pre- and post- court papers is closed for training effective immediately until July 24th. This means we will not be traveling before August 8th at the earliest. Although this bums me out... I really feel OK with this now that I have an update and pictures of the kids!

Seriously, adoption brings out a whole array of emotions that I never knew I existed. I think I deserve a nap after the last 2 days!

Please pray for the judge tonight. I trust God's timing is perfect, but I also know that God hears us when we pray! Also please pray for babygirl's little body to be strong. Thank you for your support and prayers. I will now take my joyful, thankful, peaceful self upstairs to take a nap.


Nicole said...

I am saddened to hear about the news, but at least there is still hope for a second chance. I am glad that you received news on your kids. I can't wait to meet them, also I will keep both your new kids in my prayers, along with the judge and the rest of your family. Hope everything else is going well. I should stop by and see how everything is going. I am in town three days a week. Talk to you soon, Kris!

Jesse Mayes said...

Hey Kris, thanks for posting your thoughts. You, Ben, and the kids (all of them) are in our prayers. I'm sorry to hear you will have to wait a little longer to finally see their faces, but be encouraged that your joy will be made full when you finally see them! Keep your heart prepared and let us know if you need anything at all. This includes taking the kids for the day to give y'all a break ;) God grant you peace

Alison Crary said...

We will continue to pray for the judge and your babies. Love, love, love you all!